Site Search Tracking

Site Search Tracking

Have you ever wondered if you could see what visitors are searching, once they are on your webiste?

If the answer is yes, and have a desire to see if your web traffic visitors are finding the right content, you can turn on Site Search Tracking within your Google Analytics account. This method of customer behavior insights can also provide valuable information about what content is missing from your website. This is a big step when planning for future new content in your blog posts.

3 Easy Steps To Setup Site Search Tracking In Google Analytics

  1. Find your search query parameter for your website
  2. Login to Google Analytics and click Admin, then find the View column and click View Settings
  3. Scroll down to Site Search Settings

Here is a great video demo of how the site search tracking setup procedure works. Surely, you’ll start to understand your visitor intentions better when you know what they are trying to find on your website!

How To Setup Site Search In Google Analytics

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